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Gregg served our community, as a Clearwater police officer for 12 years.

After retiring from the Clearwater Police Dept. On August 4th, 1984, Gregg opened the 19th camera store, in the Pinellas county area. He successfully ran an upstanding, well organized camera store, photo lab and studio.


Upon his passing, 11/11/16, Lake Shore Camera Exchange, Inc. was the only successful camera store remaining in Pinellas county.


The nearest Promaster store is:

Johnson PhotoImageing

6709 E.State Road 70

Bradenton, FL 34203


Dawn M. Hickman can be contacted after Jan. 10, 2017 At 727-669-3781. For all of your photographic needs.


Dawn M. Hickman is looking forward to continue focusing on the needs of our Lake Shore family.


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